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Cultivating Emotional Balance

CEB Courses

Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) is an educational training committed to utilizing the experience of emotion as a path for developing the happiness of being for ourselves and in relationship to others.

By integrating the wisdom traditions of modern psychology, current emotion research, and contemplative practices, CEB provides a secular platform for transformation.

With the tools of CEB, we can draw upon our human capacity to wisely and compassionately actualize individual and collective well-being and reform a wholesome relationship with the planet.

EcoSattva Training

An Online Course for Aspiring EcoSattvas

With the unprecedented uncertainty we are facing, many of us are feeling on edge.

Humanity is at an edge, as is Western Dharma. Each of us may be feeling on edge, even as we all have different edges. But with the support of Dharma and community, we can engage together at this edge.

This course is designed to support self-paced and self-scheduled participation with shorter core session videos and more resources for contemplation and interacting with one another. Ideally experienced in small groups, either in-person or online, you can start the six module course at any time and move through at your own pace. Then join the monthly live sessions to connect with the global community of registered EcoSattvas in training, no matter where each is in the course.


This course is designed to meet participants in this unprecedented challenge with new insights from both the Dharma as well as the growing field of climate psychology. We will journey together to soothe and ultimately unbind our bodies, hearts and minds so that they can actively and creatively love this life. Deeply rooted, thoroughly engaged yet not dependent, we can express the most authentically helpful response to ecological crisis that is available to us.

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